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《怨情 》 美人卷珠帘,深坐颦蛾眉。


The quarrels with his feeling of beauty, deep sit Pin roll bead shade EMei. But see traces, do not know who hates wet heart.《春思》 燕草如碧丝,秦桑低绿枝。


春风不相识,何事入罗帏?"Spring study of yan grass like Bess, qin mulberry low green branches. When the prince to date, is pregnant concubine heartbroken. Spring breeze strangers into ROM drapery, he2 shi4?《清平调其一》The qingping attune one"云想衣裳花想容,春风拂槛露华浓。


Cloud to clothes to permit, spring breeze blows flower trap LouHuaNong. Unless the group head to see, jade every YaoTai next month.《清平调其二》The qingping adjustable secondly"一枝红艳露凝香,云雨巫山枉断肠。


A segong is colourful, cloud-rain wushan coagulation sweet dew waste heartbroken. JieWen han palace who had like? Poor XinZhuang lean against feyenoord.《清平调其三》The qingping adjustable thirdly"名花倾国两相欢,常得君王带笑看。


Name two phase huan pour countries, often make Kings DaiXiao look. Explain ShenXiangTing north spring breeze infinite hate, LanGan lean.《夜坐吟》The night sit to sing"冬夜夜寒觉夜长,沉吟久坐坐北堂。


Cold winter night sleep night long, thoughtfully long sit north church. Ice laminated springs moon in boudoir, Kim well as sad cry green coagulation cylinder.《送孟浩然之广陵》"Send" the meng haoran AnLing故人西辞黄鹤楼, 烟花三月下扬州。

孤帆远影碧空尽, 唯见长江天际流。

Old west phrase, the yellow crane tower spends march yangzhou China. Solitary sail far shadow as the sky see is the great river, the sky flow.子夜四时歌:春歌Midnight ever-green song: the song after another sung秦地罗敷女,采桑绿水边。



Qin to ROM apply female, adopt mulberry green edge. Grain hand green bar, GongZhuang day fresh. His concubine, who hunger silkworm WuMa mo linger.子夜四时歌:夏歌Midnight ever-green song: summer song镜湖三百里,菡萏发荷花。



In HanDan hair, jinghu 300 lotus. May adopt, people look at Ai xishi if ". Back to the boat to month, return promoted home.子夜四时歌:秋歌Midnight ever-green song: the autumn song长安一片月,万户捣衣声。


何日平胡虏,良人罢远征?Changan a month, million households restow garment sound. Autumn wind blowing endless, always YuGuan mood. Hu lu, beloved day flat; expedition?子夜四时歌:冬歌Midnight ever-green song: the winter song明朝驿使发,一夜絮征袍。


裁缝寄远道,几日到临洮?The Ming dynasty sent by hair, night flocculent levy robe. Grain hand smoke needle cold, the 29generations scissors. The tailor to send the attendance, several days to LinTao




China, the difference between poetry and western poetry From the comparison of the many poems can be seen in common between the two, but it is not difficult to find the difference between the two. There is this huge difference is that by essentially different, a different form of thinking brought about. Lyrical poems paint a portrait of the Chinese are good at, focus on the creation of a mood, the pursuit of the Italian words have done unfinished effect, people have a boundless imagination. British and American poetry is heart-oriented description of the scene evoked responses in people, to express themselves from the subjective consciousness. This is caused by the difference between the different modes of thinking. Pay attention to subtle Chinese poetry to short for the United States, while British and American poetry is relatively unrestrained, mainly to feelings of agitation. Very prominent example is the treatment of love, in Poetry in the West this can be fully reflected. Chinese poets about love, "only under the brow, but our hearts," do not always express that love, while Western poets shouting "You are my sun, the fire of love I felt too anxious 。

"--- this you Translation afford to get, not rows and leave it there Care more for the Chinese poetry of statement, or a lyric by King, forever buried in the poet's feelings into poetry, such as Ma Zhiyuan, "Tian Jing Sha ? Autumn Thoughts", he almost did not express their feelings with a word, but the "Kuteng "," Old Tree "," faint crow "is appropriately arranged together simply to render the lonely, bleak atmosphere, before and after a few phrases feel like there is no direct contact, but feelings are coherent, breath read down, as if he is the poet of the people depicted in the picture, causing a strong resonance. But dozens of still life of a tie, although there is no subjective feelings, the language must be more than the expression of a strong feeling of desolate loneliness, this is the charm of Chinese classical poetry. In contrast, Anglo-American emphasis on modern poetry written in the individual in society fractional human psychology, more forthright expression of the poet's meaning to be shown.


Dear Mr. Smith, Hope this finds you well. I am writing to inform my request for lodging in Britain. First of all, the house or flat should be big enough and comfortable for living. It would be better if it is located in downtown area, which will be convenient for my transport. The family will have to speak standard English, be friendly and easy-going. What's more, it will be nice if there is family party organized regularly. In addition, free laundry service and cooking availability is appciated. Please let me know your response as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours, Li Hua


Culture of China The Culture of China is home to one of the world's oldest and most complex civilizations. China boasts a history rich in over 5,000 years of artistic, philosophical, political, and scientific advancement. Though regional differences provide a sense of diversity, commonalities in language and religion connect a culture distinguished by such significant contributions such as Confucianism and Taoism. Confucianism was the official philosophy throughout most of Imperial China's history and strongly influenced other countries in East Asia. Mastery of Confucian texts provided the primary criterion for entry into the imperial bureaucracy.With the rise of Western economic and military power beginning in the mid-19th century, Western systems of social and political organization gained adherents in China. Some of these would-be reformers rejected China's cultural legacy, while others sought to combine the strengths of Chinese and Western cultures.China is a unified nation consisting of many different ethnic groups. Fifty-six different ethnic groups make up the great Chinese national family. Because the Han people accounts for more than ninety percent of China's population, the remaining fifty-five groups are generally referred to as "ethnic minorities." Next to the majority Han, the Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, and Uygur peoples comprise the largest ethnic groups. Although China's ethnic minorities do not account for a large portion of the population, they are distributed over a vast area, residing in every corner of China.Particularly since the implementation of China's opening and reform policy, the central government has increased investment in minority areas and accelerated their opening to the outside world. This has resulted in an upsurge of economic development in these areas. Each of China's ethnic minority groups possesses a distinctive culture. The Chinese government respects minority customs, and works to preserve, study, and collate the cultural artifacts of China's ethnic minority groups. The government vigorously supports the development of minority culture and the training of minority cultural workers, and fosters the development of traditional minority medicine.The relation among China's ethnic groups can be described as "overall integration, local concentration, mutual interaction." Concentrations of ethnic minorities reside within predominantly Han areas, and the Han people also reside in minority areas, indicating that there has been extensive exchanges among China's ethnic groups since ancient times. With the development of the market economy, interaction among ethnic groups has become even more active in the areas of government, economics, culture, daily life, and marriage. Linked by interdependence, mutual assistance, and joint development, their common goals and interests creating a deep sense of solidarity, China's ethnic groups resemble a great national family, together building Chinese civilization.


China is a country with great history, that is why it is great for people to learn its past. Most of its past can be seen from poems made in the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty was one of the greatest dynasties in the past, and from the poems we can understand more of China's culture....


Traditional Chinese culture is beginning to capture the attention of the world. This is true even as popular culture that has traditionally been considered Western begins to spread throughout China. Kung Fu, especially, has had a great impact on the millions of people who first learned about China through it. 展开全部From that, they may come to China and learn about other aspects of this culture, such as traditional operas like the Beijing and Sichuan ones. Asian nations have long known about the greatness of ancient Chinese culture. Their own cultures are a mix of native ones and those Chinese characteristics....


National Day(国庆节)There are many festivals in China,but I love National Day best.why?Firsty,during National Day we can have seven days off .We can go shopping,visit our friends ,go to some interesting places and so on.Secondly ,I love my motherland very much .China is a great country .The Chinese people are brave and hard-working.Iam sure in the future China will be richer and stronger.译文中国有许多节日,可是我最喜欢国庆节.为什么?首先,国庆节我们能放七天假.我们可以购物,访友,游览名胜等等.第二,我很爱我的祖国.中国是一个伟大的国家,中国人民勤劳,勇敢.我相信将来中国会更富强....