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《秋晓》秋眠没有觉晓,到处闻笑鸟。夜去风雨声,花降知几。spring morningno aware of the spring moring,I hear birds singing everywhere,how many flowers have withered,in the wind and rain last night?《静夜诗》床前明月光,疑是天上霜。 举头视明月,垂头思故土。silent night thoughtsseeing the bright moon above my room,suspious of frost on the ground.I rise to watch the moon,I bend to think of home.《止止重止止》止止重止止,取君死分别。相来万余里,各正在天一涯;门路阻且少,会晤安可知?胡马依冬风,越鸟巢北枝。相来日以近,衣带日已缓;浮云蔽白天,游子掉臂返。思君使人老,光阴忽已早。弃置勿复讲,勤奋减餐饭! journey after journey,apart from you,my dear.thousand miles away,the end of the earth;the road narrow and long,when can we meet each other?the horse is against the mighty wind,the bird makes a nest on the branches.days have been long since we aparted,I miss you so much,clouds covering the sun,I cannot return,missing you makes me age,times are late suddenly,,what I can only do,is to have more meals.


典范英文诗歌13尾 粗选十三尾浅易英文诗歌,局部去自英语诗歌各人之脚,并配有中文翻译,期望能从那些诗歌的意境好战禅悦好中获得进修英语的兴趣,进步浏览程度!目次 【1】Rain雨 【2】What Does The Bee Do?蜜蜂做些甚么呢?【3】O Sailor, Come Ashore 【4】THE WIND风 【5】THE CUCKOO布谷鸟 【6】COLORS色彩 【7】A House Of Cards纸牌堆成的屋子 【8】What Does Little Birdie Say?【9】The Star星星 【10】At The Seaside海边 【11】Boats Sail On The Rivers 【12】The Swing春千 【13】The Blossom花女 【1】Rain雨 Rain is falling all around, 雨女正在四处下降,It falls on field and tree, 它降正在郊野战树梢, It rains on the umbrella here, 它降正在那边的雨伞上,And on the ships at sea. 又降正在飞行海上的船只。

by R. L. Stevenson, 1850-1894 【2】What Does The Bee Do?What does the bee do? 蜜蜂做些甚么?Bring home honey. 把蜂蜜带回家。

And what does Father do? 女亲做些甚么?Bring home money. 把钱带回家。

And what does Mother do? 母亲做些甚么?Lay out the money. 把钱用光。

And what does baby do?婴女做些甚么?Eat up the honey. 把蜜吃光。

by C. G. Rossetti, 1830-1894 【3】O Sailor, Come Ashore啊!火脚,登陆吧 (Part I) O sailor, come ashore 啊!火脚,登陆吧 What have you brought for me? 您给我带去甚么?Red coral , white coral, 海里的珊瑚,Coral from the sea. 白的,黑的。

(Part II) I did not dig it from the ground 它没有是我从天下挖的,Nor pluck it from a tree; 也没有是从树上戴的;Feeble insects made it 它是狂风雨的海裹 In the stormy sea. 强大虫豸做成的。

by C. G. Rossetti 【4】THE WIND风(Part I) Who has seen the wind? 谁曾睹过风的相貌?Neither I nor you; 谁也出睹过,不管您或我;But when the leaves hang trembling, 但正在树叶震惊之际,The wind is passing through. 风正从那边吹过。

(Part II) Who has seen the wind? 谁曾睹过风的面目面貌?Neither you nor I; 谁也出睹过,不管您或我; But when the trees bow down their heads, 但正在树梢低垂之际,The wind is passing by. 风正从那边颠末。

~by C. G. Rossetti 另外一尾墨客的风之歌 O wind , why do you never rest, 风啊!为什么您永没有戚行 Wandering, whistling to and fro, 去去回回的流落,吼叫 Bring rain out of the west, 从西圆带去了雨 From the dim north bringing snow? 从受眬的北圆带去了雪。

【5】THE CUCKOO布谷鸟 In April, 四月里, Come he will, 它便去了, In May, 蒲月里, Sing all day, 成天吟唱多清闲, In June, 六月里, Change his tune, 它正在改动直调, In July, 七月里, Prepare to fly, 筹办翱翔, In August, 八月里, Go he must! 它便得拜别了! ~by Mother Goose's Nursery Rhyme 【6】COLORS色彩 What is pink? A rose is pink 甚么是粉白色?By the fountain's brink. 喷泉边的玫瑰便是粉白色。

What is red? A poppy's red 甚么是素白色? In its barley bed. 正在年夜麦床里的罂粟花便是素白色。

What is blue? The sky is blue 甚么是湛蓝色?天空便是湛蓝色,Where the clouds float thro'. 云朵飘过其间。

What is white? A swan is white 甚么是红色? Sailing in the light. 阳光下嬉火的天鹅便是红色。

What is yellow? Pears are yellow, 甚么是黄色?梨女便是黄色,Rich and ripe and mellow. 生透且多汁。

What is green? The grass is green, 甚么是绿色?草便是绿色,With small flowers between. 小花搀杂其间。

What is violet? Clouds are violet 甚么是紫色?夏季落日里的 In the summer twilight. 彩霞便是紫色。

What is orange? Why, an orange, 甚么是橘色?固然啦! Just an orange! 橘子便是橘色。

by C. G. Rossetti 【7】A House Of Cards 纸牌堆成的屋子(1) A house of cards 纸牌堆成的屋子 Is neat and small; 干净及玲珑 Shake the table, 摇摇桌子 It must fall. 它必然会倒。

(2) Find the court cards 找出画有人像的纸牌 One by one; 一张一张天横起 Raise it, roof it,---- 再减上顶盖 Now it's done;---- 如今屋子曾经盖好 Shake the table! 摇摇桌子 That's the fun. 那便是它的兴趣。

by C. G. Rossetti 【8】What Does Little Birdie Say?(1) What does little birdie say, 小鸟道些甚么呢? In her nest at peep of day? 正在那拂晓初晓的小巢中? Let me fly, says little birdie, 小鸟道,让我飞, Mother, let me fly away, 妈妈,让我飞走吧。

Birdie, rest a little longer, 宝物,稍留暂一会女, Till the little wings are stronger. 比及那对小同党再少硬些女。

So she rests a little longer, 因而它又多留了一会女, Then she flies away. 但是它借是飞走了。

(2) What does little baby say, 婴女道些甚么, In her bed at peep of day? 正在拂晓时分的床上? Baby says, like little birdie, 婴女像小鸟那样道, Let me rise and fly away. 让我起去飞走吧。

Baby, sleep a little longer, 乖乖,略微多睡一会女, Till the little limbs are stronger. 等您的四肢再少硬面女。

If she sleeps a little longer, ...


-- 做者:wy_zgsdqd-- 公布工夫:2005-8-17 7:40:00-- 明月几时有~~(英汉浏览)伴侣们,对没有起,那份帖子本应正在七夕那天收回的,只是果为事情忙碌,错过了工夫~~明天只好补收啦~~火调歌头苏轼明月几时有,把酒问彼苍。


我欲乘风回去, 又恐琼楼玉宇,下处不堪热,起舞弄浑影,何似正在人世。





译文:"Thinking of You" When will the moon be clear and bright? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky.I don\'t know what season it would be in the heavens on this night.I\'d like to ride the wind to fly home. Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me. Dancing with my moon-lit shadow It does not seem like the human world The moon rounds the red mansion Stoops to silk-pad doors Shines upon the sleepless Bearing no grudgeWhy does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane This has been going on since the beginning of time May we all be blessed with longevity Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together


Fragrant peony sprinkled with dew ,seems so shy!Iced tegument trembles to the Dawn Palace,unsophisticated!Lady sitting in North ShenXiang pavilion,looks like a jade!Easterlies even leans on the railing,once she smiles!----[ming]Chun Chen 译:留澳好言语教者---瞅琼雯


下次发问之前请先分好段.. = =感谢死育您的人,果为他们使您体验死命;Be grateful for your parents,Because they enable you to experience life;感谢抚育您的人,果为他们使您不竭生长。

Be grateful for those who took care of you.Because they enable you to grow up well.感谢协助您的人,果为他们使您渡过易闭。

Be grateful for those who has helped you.Because they enable you to tide over the difficulties.感谢关心您的人,果为他们给您暖和。

Be grateful for those who cares about you.Because they give you warmth.感谢鼓舞您的人,果为他们给您力气。

Be grateful for those who encourage you,Because they give you strength.感谢教诲您的人,果为他们野蛮您的受昧。

Be grateful for those who educated you.Because they has take away your ignorant.感谢钟爱您的人,果为他们让您领会恋爱的贵重。

Grateful for those who loves you.Because they allow you to experience the precious love.感谢损伤您的人,果为他锻炼了您的心志;Grateful for those who hurt you,Because he has trained your heart;感谢绊倒您的人,果为他强化了您的单腿;Grateful for those who tripped you,Because he has strengthen your legs;感谢棍骗您的人,果为他删进了您的聪慧;Grateful for those who deceive you,Because he has enhanced your wisdom;感谢鄙视您的人,果为他觉悟了您的自负;Grateful for those who contempt you,Because he let your self-esteem awakened;感谢抛弃您的人,果为他教会了您该自力。

Grateful for those who abandoned you,Because he taught you the independence.凡是事感谢。


感谢统统使您生长的人Grateful for everything.Learn for gratitude.Grateful for all the people you grow up.